Soh Jinhong, the Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend (홍안의 검귀 소 진홍, Hong-an-ui Geomgwi So Jinhong; "Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend, Jinhong Soh") is an assassin who practises the Soseondang's Flying Flash Sword style. He is currently aligned with the Baekma Valley.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Soh Jinhong is a young man with long black hair that he ties into a long flowing ponytail with red ribbon which still falls down his back, long bangs that drape either side of his face, youthful features, sharp pale grey eyes and a set of scars on his body. He generally has a disinterested expression on his face. He typically wears a long green cloak over traditional red garments and carries his trademark sword by the base of the hilt in his left hand.

Jinhong is a very confident person, bordering on arrogance, due to his great strength at a young age. As a result, he initially did not take well to encountering those who could match his strength. Jinhong was once completely driven by an engineered vengeance upon the ones who murdered his parents, but upon discovering some of the truth surrounding his existence, he became more wary of those around him.

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Believing himself to be the son of the late Soh Cheongwon, he was raised by a mysterious old man and learned the Soseondang's Flying Flash Sword style from him. Because of his belief that his father and mother were assassinated by the Shinmu Clan, Jinhong lived a life of bloodshed as he took on any assassination jobs related to the Soseondang and Shinmu in order to take revenge. At the age of 15, Jinhong massacred the entire Shinmu Clan, a brotherhood of assassins feared by the entire murim, by himself.[2] He is also supposedly the person who assassinated Im Daechong, the True Taechong Savant and one of the murim's ten great gosu, with a single strike to one of his vital points.[2]


Soh Jinhong, the Rosy-Cheeked Sword FiendEdit

While walking, Jinhong was ambushed by Shinmu assassins out for revenge. However, he instantly dispatched of them all before moving on. Arriving home, his steward called him out for killing again and added that it wasn't what his parents would have wanted from him. He then told Jinhong to stop meeting "them" but Jinhong disregarded his comments. Surprised by his steward's response, he then asked what was for dinner. Just then, "they" entered and informed Jinhong of his next target, "Jang Cheong the Thunderlord" a man who was supposedly once part of Shinmu's top brass.

The next day, seeing "Jang Cheong", Jinhong attempted to assassinate Myeongjeong but was intercepted by Gang Ryong who asked him if he was an assassin. Completely shocked by the intervention, Jinhong rapidly escaped to a nearby tree while glaring at Gang before hurrying away. With the old man's words buzzing around his head, a frustrated Jinhong lashed out, slashing things before determining he would kill Gang after getting "Jang Cheong".

In the evening, Jinhong arrived where Myeongjeong was meditating with a look of killing intent in his eyes. Noticing Jinhong's presence, the Elder told his knowledge of Soh Cheongwon to the assassin and asked Jinhong if that was the person he knew. As Jinhong readied to reply, the Elder continued onwards revealing knowledge of Soh Cheongwon and the Soseondang Clan that conflicted with what Jinhong knew. Ignoring the information he had just heard, he chastised the Elder for trying to sway him with words as the Elder nonchalantly mused that he must be thinking of the wrong person. As Jinhong added that the Elder was the leader of the Shinmu who attacked the Soseondang Clan, the Elder briefly detailed his history in response before calling out Jinhong for accusing him of being an assassin. With the Elder noting that Jinhong's eyes had seen too many murders, he asked how many innocents Jinhong had killed due to the lies he had been fed. With the two tensely staring down at each other, Jinhong finally stepped forward having been shaken by the Elder's words and prepared to strike but felt a horrific feeling of being torn apart. Initially believing it to be the work of the Elder, he then realised it came from behind him and he saw Gang Ryong in the reflection of his sword. Irate, he quickly left in pursuit of Gang whilst all the conflicting words the Elder had told him ran through his mind. Attacking Gang with a flurry of slashes, he frustratedly wondered who Gang was to be able to evade all of his strikes. As he fought with Gang, he recalled the time his steward forgot how his mother was poisoned. With his steward's confusing words permeating his mind, a distracted and annoyed Jinhong attacked once more but ended up getting knocked off of a cliff.

Coming out of the river's waters and hearing his steward's words, Jinhong reassured himself as he headed home. Arriving home and seeing his steward dead, with the assassins surrounding his corpse, Jinhong began to reminisce his past growing up, with the old man teaching him the Flying Flash Sword techniques as well as caring for him. Walking past the assassins and kneeling before his steward's corpse, Jinhong is told to hand over the Flying Flash Sword tome but he replied he didn't have it as he ripped out and ate a page every time he mastered a technique. Instantly slaughtering three of the four assassins and then crippling the other, Jinhong asked the assassin how much of what he had been told about the Shinmu and the Heaven Earth Association was true. The assassin revealed to Jinhong a series of truths about himself, as well as the "enemies" he had killed in the past, culminating with the revelation that Jinhong was merely a brainwashed "weapon". Briefly shocked by the bombshell, Jinhong asked for the Heaven Earth Association's stronghold before mercilessly dispatching the assassin.

With the information he had received, Jinhong travelled to the Heaven Earth Association's stronghold and began a one-sided slaughter of everyone present. With the head of the Heaven Earth Association the last man alive, he told Jinhong of the dealings they had with his steward. Jinhong, confused by all the conflicting information he had been told, noted that it made no sense for the guys who were in league with his steward to kill him adding that it would be easier if the clan's head begged for his life. Realising what Jinhong was saying, the felled clan head understood the old man's actions and why the young assassin had slain the Heaven Earth Association. With Jinhong still not understanding the situation, the clan head shouted that his so-called steward was not dead adding that Jinhong should go back and check again to see if it was all real. He then mocked Jinhong for continuously falling for the old man's tricks and was about to say that he should be worrying about the old man's identity but Jinhong killed him mid-sentence.

Returning, Jinhong came back to a home completely devoid of any traces of his steward's corpse, the assassins or a sign of a struggle. Utterly shocked, tired and wondering what the hell was going on, Jinhong passed out on the floor.

Some time later, two men from the Baekma Valley found Jinhong slumped at the back of his room and gave him the offer to come to the Baekma Valley. Jinhong told them piss off, so the two men left him some food and said they would come back at a later date to hear his answer. As he recalled going to the village to find out about the old Soseondang, he agitatedly wondered who his steward was and more importantly, who he was.

A couple of days later, the men returned asking whether Jinhong had considered their offer. Jinhong was wary of them, asking if they even knew what he wanted, but the men proved they did, before informing him of the facts they had gathered surrounding the old man that had been accompanying Jinhong. Noting that this would be the last time they would visit him, the two men turned to leave but not before warning Jinhong about the "monster" he had previously encountered that was scouring Yellow Dragon Mountain looking for him. The bedraggled Jinhong remembered his unfinished business and set off to look for the "monster".

Encountering Gang Ryong once again, the two began fighting intensely. With their fight raging on for a while, Jinhong's physical exhaustion caught up with him allowing Gang to capitalise on a small opening and smash Jinhong into the ground. Seemingly knocked unconscious, Gang asked if he was okay when Jinhong suddenly sprang up and continued fighting despite being somewhat unconscious. Attacking with one final slash, Jinhong was finally subdued when Gang got behind him and jabbed him in the neck.

Having woken up in an unfamiliar place, Jinhong quickly fled and headed off to the Baekma Valley.

The Baekma ValleyEdit

Sitting down in his quarters, Jinhong recalled what Yang Jeonghak had told him regarding the old man that had brought him up. Just then, Hwang Gyu came in and told him the "monster of Yellow Dragon Mountain" had come for him, but Jinhong didn't respond, annoying Hwang Gyu.

Jinhong casually walked towards the commotion Gang was making, observing some of the Baekma Valley's men being subdued. Gang then appeared from the smoke and debris and questioningly acknowledged Jinhong. With the two of them resolving misunderstood intentions, Jinhong then silently observed Gang making quick work of the Baekma Valley men that had attacked him. Not long after, while Gang and Dang Gan were fighting, Jinhong was forced to divert the immense energy from the collision of the two's techniques.


On Gang Ryong's way out of the Baekma Valley after picking up some things, Jinhong bluntly asked Gang whether he was delivering dumplings or if he had business with him, with Gang giving him an equally blunt response. Jinhong then warned Gang that they way he was leaving was filled with guys from the Valley who wanted to get revenge on him for the beatings he gave them previously.

Season 2 IntroEdit

Soh Jinhong finished a job given to him by the Baekma Valley to the gratitude of the others there. Promptly leaving, on his way back to the Valley, he was approached by a young woman asking for direction to the tavern-on-the-fork. Bringing her to the tavern, she offered Jinhong a meal as thanks which he accepted. When the tavern's delivery boy walked in and humorously interacted with him, Jinhong remained silent through it all. Jinhong then asked if the fatty that had worked at the tavern had quit before being told that Gang had quit almost a year ago.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Soh Jinhong using the Flying Flash Sword style

Soh Jinhong is an extremely powerful gosu and a dangerously lethal swordsman having been trained in the Flying Flash Sword style from a young age. He has amassed a fearsome reputation, having single-handedly wiped out both the Shinmu Clan[2] and Heaven Earth Association without much effort.[3] When Gang Ryong and Dang Gan's techniques clashed and generated a huge encompassing explosion as a result, he was able to casually deflect the energy around himself using his sword.[4]

Flying Flash Sword style (선광비검, Seongwangbigeom): Having learned the Flying Flash Sword style from a young age, Jinhong has become an extremely skilled and incredibly powerful swordsman. Yang Jeonghak noted that Soh Jinhong's level of swordsmanship far surpassed that of the previous successor of the Flying Flash Sword style, Soh Cheongwon's, in both movement and power.[5] Against opponents who aren't near his level, Jinhong is capable of unsheathing his sword, performing multiple devastating slashes much faster than the eye can see, so much so that most opponents are already dead before they even realise anything has happened, and then re-sheathe his sword again, all in the blink of an eye.[2] Against opponents who match or exceed his strength, Jinhong skilfully utilises his sword and sheathe in conjunction to combat them.

Soh Jinhong fighting stance

Soh Jinhong's readying to fight Gang

Immense Physical Strength: Jinhong's physical strength is profound, with the force of his slashes easily slicing through nearby trees.[2] He has been shown effortlessly cleaving through people and buildings as if they were nothing more than air.

Immense Physical Speed: After being intercepted by Gang Ryong during his attempted assassination of Myeongjeong, Jinhong was able to almost instantly escape to a nearby tree before anyone had noticed anything had happened.[6] During his second fight with Gang Ryong, he briefly moved at such great speed that even Yang Jeonghak couldn't perceive his movements.[7]

Immense Reflexes: During his first scuffle with Gang Ryong, he was quick enough to react to and block Gang's palm strike with his sheathe to mitigate the effects of the attack.[8]

Immense Endurance: Despite being physically (and mentally) exhausted due to not having eaten in many days, to the point where it was a miracle he was still able to move (let alone swing a sword), Jinhong was still able to fight Gang Ryong (who also hadn't slept in several days) for an extended period of time on seemingly equal footing.[5] He was even somehow able to continue fighting after losing consciousness.[5]


  • (To Shinmu assassins) "You've wasted your time. Had I known that remnants of the Shinmu, the enemy of my family, were still alive, I'd have come lookinf for you myself!"[2]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • The Rosy-Cheeked Sword Devil, So Hong (LINE)



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