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Demonic RingsDoh GyeolDoh Gyeom
Doh Gyeom's uncleDoh Gyeom, the Iron LionDokgo Ryong
Eagle Talon CleaveEmpyrean AnnihilationEvil Negating Palmstrike
Extra Meridian ResonanceFirmament IncinerationFive Fold Palmstrike
Five Ring PalmstrikeFlame WallFour Heavenly Kings
Gang RyongGha WoobokGoo Hwi
Gosu (The Master)Gosu WikiaGwi Yeong
Gwi Yeong (Arc)Heavenly DestructionHeavenly Destruction Sect
Heuk LanHwang GyuIntro (Arc)
Jin GaryeongList of Martial ArtsMak Sapyeong
MyeongjeongMyo CheongPaelim Hall
Pungjin Cross SlashPungjin SectPungjin Spiral Dance
Radiant Wheel StrikeRakshasa DemonessRock-Paper-Scissors
Sa JunSa PaecheonSeason 2 Intro (Arc)
Shattering Thrust PalmSoh JinhongSoh Jinhong, the Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend
Song ChohyangSong YerinSong Yerin (Arc)
Space Sundering PalmstrikeStirringStorm Slash
The Baekma ValleyThunder Hawk StrikeTwo Wheels of Devastation
Wang AhkWang EungiWhite Skulls
Wild DogsWild Dogs (Arc)Yang Jeonghak

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