Goo Hwi, the Heaven Ravager King (천잔왕 구휘, Cheonjan-wang Guhwi; "Heaven Ravager King, Goo Hwi") is a senior member of the old murim and the leader of the legendary band of assassins the Black Snake (巳黑聯, Saheuglyeon).

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Goo Hwi is a giant of man with a dense bulky musculature from decades of intensive training, greyed hair tied back into a short spiky ponytail, his thick grey trademark moustache over his lip and two distinguishing scars on his face, one running down his left eye and the other on the left side of his chin.

Goo Hwi is a generally quite a cheerful entity and quite level-headed. He has a protective nature and will help those aligned with his family's organisation. While Goo Hwi will happily avoid conflict when possible, if the situation calls for it, he is more than happy to show serious force.

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During the events of Yongbi the Invincible, he took part in the hunt for the Golden Castle, though he was mainly dragged into it by a number of events following his kidnapping by Yongbi. He was also involved in the old Murim Alliance's war against the Demonic Cult. Shortly after this war, he, Yongbi and Hong Ye-Mong fought against and permanently injured Sa Paecheon,[1] which eventually lead to Sa Paecheon's consecutive defeats against those affiliated with the Heavenly Destruction Sect.



Finding Gha Woobok severely injured on the side of the road, he found shelter from the rain inside a cave, where he helped Woobok recover. A short while later, a patrol from the Naeseonhyang came by, intending to capture Gha Woobok, and were instantly laid to waste. 

Several days later, he was shown observing Gang Ryong from a distant mountain. He was impressed when Gang Ryong noticed his presence, and told a penitent Dang Gan, who is visibly terrified, that he could understand why he was beaten. After picking up the medicinal herbs he needed to treat his sick friend, Goo Hwi then left on his journey back, much to his granddaughter's sadness.

Season 2 IntroductionEdit

Having housed him briefly, Goo Hwi and the other senior members see Gang Ryong off as the young gosu left to head back to Yellow Dragon Mountain.

Revived Heavenly Destruction SectEdit

At their compound, Goo Hwi tended to his daughter before seeing Garyeong off. On his way back up, he discussed with Yongbi about his annoyance that people in the murim had poisoned his daughter, adding that he wouldn't get involved in the current murim's business unless it involved his granddaughter or the Baekma Valley.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Despite being advanced in age, Goo Hwi appears to have retained at least some of the immense power of his prime, being able to effortlessly take down a patrol of men that challenged him.[2] In the past he was feared as one of the Twelve Supreme Masters, being one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the chaotic murim.[3]


  • (To the Naeseonhyang patrol) "It'd have been better if there was an option to 'pretend we never saw each other and went our separate ways'... but if I have to choose between the two you offered, I'd have to go with being dragged away by force."[2]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Goo Hwi is one of the main characters in Ryu Ki-Woon's previous work Yongbi the Invincible which is set some decades prior to Gosu.
  • His granddaughter is the current head of the Baekma Valley.


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