Welkin Lightning, Demonic Rings: Firmament Incineration
Hangul 천뢰 마환공 폭렬대천
Hanja 天雷 魔環攻 爆烈大天
Romaja Cheonloe Mahwangong Poglyeoldaecheon
Lit. English Heavenly Thunder Devil Ring Attack Big Fierce Explosion of Heaven
Battle Data
Martial Art Welkin Lightning
Class Offensive
Range Mid-range
First Seen Chapter 77
Known Users Sa Paecheon

Welkin Lightning, Demonic Rings: Firmament Incineration is a Welkin Lightning technique utilised by Sa Paecheon, the Devil of the Venom Hands, and also the most powerful technique of the Welkin Lightning martial arts style.[1]

The user draws their arm back, with rings of ki swirling around their hand, and then generates a truly colossal explosion of apparently super-heated energy that radiates outwards for kilometres and destructively swallows up everything in its path. The sheer power and scale of this technique is so high that one of Sa Paecheon's subordinates likened it to a suicide attack and Sa Paecheon could be seen sweating profusely after its usage.[1]


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