Doh Family's Flame Spear, the 13th Move: Empyrean Annihilation
Hangul 도가 열화창 십삼식: 만천멸사
Hanja ?家 熱火槍 十三式: 滿天滅死
Romaja Doh-gah Yeolhwachang Sibsamsig: Mancheonmyeolsa
Lit. English Doh House Hot Fire Spear Thirteen(th) Expression: Full Heaven Annihilation Death
Battle Data
Martial Art Doh Family Spear Style
Class Offensive
Range Mid range
First Seen Chapter 52
Known Users Doh Gyeom
Doh Family's Flame Spear, the 13th Move: Empyrean Annihilation is one of the most powerful techniques of the Doh Family Spear Style.

The user rapidly swirls their spear around them, eventually wrapping themselves in an orb of ki energy; the energy orb possesses visibly strong suction. Upon releasing the technique, multiple spikes of energy protrude from the energy orb as it violently swells and radiates outwards, swallowing everything in its path.[1]


  1. Chapter 52


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