Heavenly Destruction, Dark Wheel Strike
Hangul 파천 묵륜공
Hanja 破天 墨輪攻
Romaja Pacheon Muglyungong
Lit. English Destroy Heaven Black-Ink Wheel Attack
Battle Data
Martial Art Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques
Class Offensive
Range Mid-range
First Seen Chapter 52
Known Users Gang Ryong
Dogko Ryong
Gwi Yeong[1]

Heavenly Destruction, Dark Wheel Strike is one of the twelve Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques.

The user draws an immense amount of ki in front of them, forming a pseudo-singularity which generates a violent vortex that swirls inwards towards the epicentre as it tears away at the environment whilst also putting the user inside a seemingly unreachable pitch-black void. The sheer attractive forces from the vortex are so strong that they are capable of dissipating other ki attacks and warping the shape of a gosu's weapon.[2][3][4]

While Gang Ryong tends to use the technique with both hands, the technique's originator, Dogko Ryong, was able to use it with one.[3]

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Pacheon Dark Tornado Skill (LINE)


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