Season 2, Chapter 5
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Naver (Korean)
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Season 2
Chapter 5
Korean Title 2부 5화
Korean Release 8th August, 2017
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Season 2, Chapter 5: Gang Ryong returns back to the tavern, much to the pleasure of the village folk in the establishment. While Gang told of his journeys, Doh Gyeom arrives back from a delivery and excitedly acknowledges Gang's return. However, seeing Gang surrounded by the villagers, he decides not to challenge him just yet.

Later, Gang meets with Jin Garyeong and they discuss what he had experienced at the Naeseonhyang with regards to the Four Heavenly Kings. Finishing their meet, Gyeom comically welcomes Gang back before revealing that a man in a mask had come to the tavern in an assassination attempt. Meanwhile, Garyeong is suddenly and unexpectedly brought face-to-face with Mak Sapyeong...

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