Season 2, Chapter 4
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Naver (Korean)
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Season 2
Chapter 4
Korean Title 2부 4화
Korean Release 1st August, 2017
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Season 2, Chapter 4: With heavy rainfall encompassing the area, a mysterious man chances upon a worn-down shack and encounters a person dwelling inside. Conversing with the person and letting him know about a murderer on the loose, the man leaves. He soon returns, having left a personal small pouch behind, and asks the person if they had looked inside. Noting the person's expression, the mysterious man shares the name of the murderer, the "Tooth Killer" as well as the murderer's modus operandi before revealing that he was the Tooth Killer. The Tooth Killer tries to threaten the person, but the latter, who is revealed to be Gang Ryong, tells him to turn himself in and pay for his crimes. As the Tooth Killer stares at Gang incredulously, he gets ready to kill Gang...

At the tavern-on-the-fork, the news of the Tooth Killer's capture and incarceration is talked about, with the manner that the Tooth Killer was found being likened to Wang Ahk's capture. Overhearing this, Chohyang notes to Yerin that Gang was slowly making his way back.

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