Season 2, Chapter 3
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Season 2
Chapter 3
Korean Title 2부 3화
English Title [Chapter 2] Ep. 3
Korean Release 26th July, 2017
English Release 6th May, 2018
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Season 2, Chapter 3: A hooded man pays some mercenaries to take out Doh Gyeom. However, when they show up to kill him, Gyeom makes quick work of them before apprehending the hooded man himself. Before Gyeom can interrogate the man, Chohyang calls Gyeom back to work, enabling the man to escape.

Meanwhile, on her way back from buying groceries, Yerin bumps into Jin Garyeong. With the two trading snide comments, and Garyeong claiming she had received a letter from Gang Ryong, Yerin ignores her and moves on her way. Hwang Gyu hops down and asks if she was telling the truth, but Garyeong replies that it was a lie and she had only just located Ryong.

Up in the mountains, Ryong thanks his hosts for their hospitality as he heads off again. As Goo Hwi watches him leave, he turns to see his old friends seeing Ryong off as well.

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