Season 2, Chapter 2
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Season 2
Chapter 2
Korean Title 2부 2화
English Title [Chapter 2] Ep. 2
Korean Release 19th July, 2017
English Release 5th May, 2018
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Season 2, Chapter 2: Having found out that Gang Ryong had already left in search of his enemy, Doh Gyeom came back to the tavern-on-the-fork two months later, asking to be their new delivery boy. With Chohyang and Yerin mentioning that none of the other replacements lasted more than two days, Gyeom said he could do it.

Despite having a tough first few days on the job and realising the incredible feats Ryong was able to accomplish (complete with Chohyang and Yerin betting on when he'd quit), Gyeom persisted, determined to become a better delivery boy than Ryong.

Still working three months later, Gyeom was then asked to deliver dumplings to Grandma Wang. Arriving, she asked if he could read her a letter. Explaining that she already knew what it said as Ryong had read it many times, Gyeom realised in horror that the letter was actually an official death notice. After agreeing with what she said, Gyeom left and wondered if he should just return to the Pungjin Sect, but he steeled his resolve to continue onwards.

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