Gwi Yeong (7)
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Season 1
Chapter 86
Korean Title 귀영 (7화)
English Title Giyoung (7) (Last Episode)
Korean Release 2nd May, 2017
English Release 28th April, 2018
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Gwi Yeong (7): Gwi Yeong confirms to Mak Sapyeong that everything he had told was the truth and that now they were even. Saying to uphold their agreement, Mak Sapyeong reveals that he knew Gwi Yeong had saved Gang Ryong after his catastrophic battle with Sa Paecheon. Realising how he'd found out, Gwi Yeong attacked but was thrown outside. Seeing the corpses of his former subordinates and sensing that the rest of the Naeseonhyang was burning, he asked why Mak Sapyeong would go so far as to destroy people who had nothing to do with their past. Mak Sapyeong replies that it was inevitable considering their relationship, adding that it was gesture of good-will by sending him off with people who cared for him. Enraged, Gwi Yeong attempted to attack Mak Sapyeong but was impaled and killed by the latter's subordinates. Mak Sapyeong then wonders why Gang Ryong just up and left before dismissing the thought and noting that he'd find out soon enough whether the fifth monster created by the Heavenly Destroyer was a failure or not.

As Ryong looks back, his masters words come back to him, "Once your existence becomes known... they'll come for you first before you go looking for them!".

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