Gwi Yeong (5)
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Chapter Information
Season 1
Chapter 84
Korean Title 귀영 (5화)
English Title Giyoung (5)
Korean Release 18th April, 2017
English Release 21st April, 2018
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Gwi Yeong (5): With them surrounding him., Gang Ryong mentions that their lord wasn't someone worth protecting, but Captain Woo replies that it wasn't him to decide, reminding Ryong of Wang Eungi. After implying that their lord will have fled by the time he got back to the Naeseonhyang, they all attack Ryong who is seemingly satisfied by the revelation. Back in the village, Gwi Yeong becomes privy to the situation going on, rushing over to find them all knocked out. Ryong, who is confused by Gwi Yeong's sudden appearance, goads Gwi Yeong into starting the fight by threatening to massacre the innocent people of the Naeseonhyang. Launching himself at Ryong, the two clash but Ryong effortlessly strikes him in the chest with a palm strike.

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