Gwi Yeong (4)
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Season 1
Chapter 83
Korean Title 귀영 (4화)
English Title Giyoung (4)
Korean Release 11th April, 2017
English Release 15th April, 2018
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Gwi Yeong (4): Back in the village, Gwi Yeong tells the villagers and then Captain Woo not to interfere in his business and also to leave the young man (who he is assured was not an assassin) alone.

The next day, a group of kids go into the forest to take down the "assassin" that fought their lord. Finding Gang Ryong, they attack only to see no-one was there. Getting hungry, four of the five leave to go home, while one remains to protect Lord Miruk by himself. However he soon chickens out and runs after them as Ryong watches from a high up branch of a tree.

In the evening, the guards of the Naeseonhyang track Ryong down and challenge him. With Ryong reminding them of his earlier warning, they reply that they have things to protect at the cost of their own lives. Hearing this, Ryong says that he wonders what his face would be like if he saw them all dead...

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