Gwi Yeong (2)
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Chapter Information
Season 1
Chapter 81
Korean Title 귀영 (2화)
English Title Giyoung (2)
Korean Release 28th March, 2017
English Release 8th April, 2018
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Gwi Yeong (2): With both moving away to a deserted area within the forest, Ryong asks about the other three Heavenly Kings to which Gwi Yeong replies he killed them all. Asking why they all betrayed Dogko Ryong, Gwi Yeong gives an explanation while revealing his grotesquely disfigured visage. Putting it all to the side, Gwi Yeong puts his hood back up and says for them to get started. Gang Ryong mentions he should have killed him when he had the chance, but Gwi Yeong brushes it aside before musing some more and then preparing himself to fight.

Ryong and Gwi Yeong begin fighting, but after a few clashes, Ryong looks on in shock and disgust when a seemingly tired Gwi Yeong begins heavily coughing up blood.

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