Gwi Yeong (1)
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Season 1
Chapter 80
Korean Title 귀영 (1화)
English Title Giyoung (1)
Korean Release 21st March, 2017
English Release 7th April, 2018
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Gwi Yeong (1): With one of his men concerned for Lord Miruk's safety from the Heavenly Destroyer's disciple, Lord Miruk tells him to ignore the situation and focus on issues that matter. Leaving, the man tells the others to round up the men as he had a secret order to give. Meanwhile, an awake Gang Ryong asks when he'd meet his saviour, Lord Miruk, but they say he only sporadically comes by.

The next day, Miruk goes off to where Ryong is resting and finally encounters his former leader's disciple while the boy is awake. Noting Ryong's recuperative powers, Ryong realises Miruk was actually Gwi Yeong. Gwi Yeong confirms Ryong's suspicions and asks him what of it, asking whether Ryong would avenge his master there and now.

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