Wild Dogs (21)
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Naver (Korean)
Not yet available on LINE (English) Batoto (English)
Chapter Information
Season 1
Chapter 79
Korean Title 들개 무리(21화)
Korean Release 14th March, 2017
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Wild Dogs (21): Finally free of his restraints, the red snake-eyed man finds out in shock that Gang Ryong had killed Sa Paecheon.

Dogko Ryong explains to Gang Ryong how to reign supreme but adds that Gang didn't have the right temperament. Telling Gang to live his own life, Dogko Ryong's words suddenly become less and less clear until Gang can no longer hear what he is saying. Just then, Gang hazily sees a figure standing above him, telling him to relax as he had lost too much blood before he passes out. Recalling the last moments he had with his master, Gang wakes up dizzily and wonders where he was, looking around at the beaten shack he had been resting in. Elsewhere, Gang's saviour looked down at the shack with fervent eyes.

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