Wild Dogs (14)
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Naver (Korean)
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Season 1
Chapter 72
Korean Title 들개 무리(14화)
Korean Release 24th January, 2017
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Wild Dogs (14): With the old men of the Paelim Hall looking on disheartened at the young gosu's apparent defeat, Myo, one of the old men, notes that it was only a matter of experience why their boss had come out victorious. With Sa Paecheon holding his defeated opponent aloft, he explains what his whips were coated in and adds that he'd take Gang Ryong's eyes as a prize to pay for Gang's arrogance.

Just then, Myo attempts to stab Sa Paecheon in the back but fails with the latter noting the old mens' decision to take Gang Ryong's side. With Sa Paecheon killing Myo, the rest of Paelim Hall get ready to take their boss on. While the old men swarmed Sa Paecheon, the men from the Naeseonhyang looked surprised at the seeming revolt but their leader explains that it had always been that way.

As the old men fought Sa Paecheon, a prone Gang Ryong suddenly hears his late master ordering him to get up.

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