Wild Dogs (12)
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Naver (Korean)
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Season 1
Chapter 70
Korean Title 들개 무리(12화)
Korean Release 10th January, 2017
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Wild Dogs (12): The two gosu's battle rages on intensely, each trading and countering blows, to the awe of all watching. Pausing after a clash of techniques, Sa Paecheon chastises Gang Ryong for acting so foolishly when his master's mortal enemy stood in front of him. Denying Sa Paecheon's words, the man claimed that he was responsible for the Heavenly Destroyer's demise but Gang affirms that it was all due to the Four Heavenly Kings' betrayal.

Believing the Heavenly Destroyer to be 'that' kind of man, Sa Paecheon gets serious, bringing out his steel whips and attacking Gang with them.

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