Wild Dogs (8)
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Season 1
Chapter 66
Korean Title 들개 무리(8화)
English Title Wild Dogs (8)
Korean Release 13th December, 2016
English Release 17th February, 2018
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Wild Dogs (8): Fleeing from the stronghold into a wooded area, Gang Ryong fends off his elder assailants while their boss watched from above and scrutinised Ryong's performance. Asking his prisoner if he could stop Ryong, Sa Paecheon thought against it before going back to observing the battle below.

With the old men overhearing that their quarry was going easy on them, one of the old men Ryong met before tries to make a deal with Ryong but the latter declines. At that, one of the old man's allies attacks Ryong again and, shifting back into action, Ryong moves out into the open ready to continue battle with the oncoming surge of old assailants.

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