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Naver (Korean)
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Season 1
Chapter 55
Korean Title 파문 (波紋)
Korean Release 20th September, 2016
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Stirring: On a stroll through the mountains on a rainy night, an old man sees a battered man lying on the floor unconscious. Seeing he was still alive, the old man carries him off to a nearby cave.

A group of mercenaries spot the fire and encounter the old man. Introducing themselves as the "Naeseonhyang", the leader informs the hermit of their recent actions and encounters with the Baekma Valley. Noting that the man the old man had saved was a spy from the Baekma Valley, the leader of the mercenaries asks if the old man was involved with him. Denying any connection, the leader gets ready to apprehend Woobok but the old man quickly muses aloud that while he had nothing to do with recent event, he was related to the unconscious man in some way before revealing his connection to the Baekma Valley. Shocked by the news, the leader gives the old man an ultimatum which the latter challenges by getting to his feet. With his impressive height intimidating them, the mercenaries attack and the old man releases his enormous ki noting that he might as well see what the current crop were like. A massive explosion of energy is then seen bursting from the back of the cave...

In the tavern, the customers chatter about the Sun Moon Gang's fall while Gang and Chohyang look on in boredom. Later on, as Gang is clearing up, he hears the hooting of an owl and alertly turns around to see the bird staring at him.

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