Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (18)
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Naver (Korean)
Not yet available on LINE (English) Batoto (English)
Chapter Information
Season 1
Chapter 53
Korean Title 철사자 도겸(18)
Korean Release 6th September, 2016
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Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (18): As Gang overlooks his downed opponent, Gyeom has a long flashback regarding his older brother's descent into madness and the subsequent tragic events that followed. With Gyeom coming to the brutal realisation that his memories suppressed memories had resulted in his guilt manifesting as a separate persona in his mind, he lies on the ground shaking before bursting into tears and crying aloud.

Hearing Gyeom's sobbing on his way back, Gang decides to completely ignore it and just go home!

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