The Baekma Valley (15)
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Naver (Korean)
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Season 1
Chapter 34
Korean Title 백마곡(15)
Korean Release 26th April, 2016
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The Baekma Valley (15): At the tavern-at-the-fork, days go by as Chohyang and Yerin run the tavern between them. Chohyang then wonders when Gang would wake up again, noting it was terrifying to think what he could have done over there for him to be sleeping for so many days. At night, Gang suddenly wakes up, having noticed an owl staring at him from his window. Realising what its presence meant, he raced out to meet his agent, Jin Garyeong.

Gha Woobok stood at the entrance to the Baekma Valley, overlooking its destruction, as he recalled his conversation with Yang Jeonghak regarding the annihilation of the Valley by the Heavenly Destroyer's disciple; Jeonghak's mentioned their proposal to Woobok but the latter said he wouldn't carry out the request but he would listen to what Jeonghak told him before he made a decision.

As Gang sits opposite Garyeong, he remembers their first meeting before chewing Garyeong out for not telling him about what else the Valley did as well as the fact that she was the leader of the organisation. She gives an off-handed reply before saying that if he wouldn't listen then she wouldn't tell him that they'd found one of the people Gang was looking for. As she turned to leave, Gang, exuding an extremely murderous aura, asked her who they'd found...

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