The Baekma Valley (5)
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Naver (Korean)
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Season 1
Chapter 24
Korean Title 백마곡(5)
Korean Release 16th February, 2016
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The Baekma Valley (5): Chohyang tries to make a bet with Yerin on whether Gang would deal with the Baekma Valley with force or not, but Yerin refuses by saying betting with family was a no-no.

Elsewhere, Gang causes havoc at the entrance to the Baekma Valley before racing deeper inside. Meanwhile, Hwang Gyu checks over Gha Woobok and tells his men to move him quickly lest they end up dying themselves. As Hwang steps outside, he sees the after-effects of Gang's actions before seeing Gang himself. The after-shocks of Gang's technique is felt in Garyeong's quarters while Yang Jeonghak looks on expectantly. The sections of the Valley are alerted to take care of the issue that was Gang Ryong...

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