Blazing Iron Shattering Thrust
Hangul 염화 철쇄경
Hanja 炎火 鐵碎
Romaja Yeomhwa Cheolswaegyeong
Lit. English Flame Fire Iron Shattering Power
Battle Data
Martial Art Iron Shattering Fist
Class Offensive
Range Close to mid-range
First Seen Chapter 30
Known Users Dang Gan
Blazing Iron Shattering Thrust is a powerful Iron Shattering Fist technique utilised by the Black Scorpion King, Dang Gan.

After gathering an immense amount of ki, the user makes a forceful two-handed thrust in the direction of the target, generating a large wave blast of heated energy that radiates forwards and outwards.[1]


  1. Chapter 30


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