Baekma Valley

The Baekma Valley while headed by Jin Garyeong's mother

The Baekma Valley (백마곡 (白馬谷), Baegmagog; Literally "White Horse Valley") is a well-renowned organisation that deals in underground and black market activities.


The Baekma Valley has a high reputation and while the Valley was under the lead of the former Lady, despite the organisation being half the size of what it is now, its power and influence were so overwhelming that even the great factions had to tread lightly.[1]


The Baekma Valley is a hierarchical group that split into different tiers and sections. At the top, leading the organisation, is the Lady of the Valley, Jin Garyeong. Underneath her are the three Guardians of Baekma Valley: Cheong Sa, Dang Gan and Jeok Ho. Then there are the Twelve Zodiac (12지신인지, Yeoldu Jisin-inji) who are the section chiefs that lead the twelve elite section squads of the Valley.[2] There is also at least one captain and at least one lieutenant, both of whom seemingly hold pretty high positions of authority.

Known MembersEdit

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Before Gang Ryong's infamous assault, the Baekma Valley had never been breached.[2]
  • The legendary gosu of the old murim, Goo Hwi, is the father of the first Lady of the Valley and the grandfather of the current Lady, Jin Garyeong.

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • White Horse Squad (LINE)


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