LINE Translations
Blackish Brown King, Dang GanDang Gan, the Black Scorpion King
Cho ChongXhao Chung
DanggiDang Gwe
Do Gim, the Steel LionDoh Gyeom, the Iron Lion
Doko Yong / The Supreme OneDokgo Ryong, the Heavenly Destroyer / Supreme Overlord
DukLee Deok-Gwang
Ga Ubok, the Ghost Soul/Grim ReaperGha Woobok, the Wraith Hand
Gang YongGang Ryong
GiyoungGwi Yeong
Hallucinator Yang HakYang Jeonghak, the Phantom Visitor
HansaHwan Sa
HebiHyeol Bi
Jang ChungJang Cheong, the Thunderlord
Jin GayoungJin Garyeong
LimIm Daechang, the True Taecheong Savant
MaksaMak Sapyeong
Mr. Nam (Hepyo)Lord Nam (Hyeol Pyo)
MyoMyo Cheong
RanHeuk Lan
So Hong, the Rosy-Cheeked Sword DevilSoh Jinhong, the Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend
So WonSoh Cheongwon, the One Sword
Song ChohangSong Chohyang
Song YeriSong Yerin
Sungsim the Celestial MaidSaintly Celestial Maiden
ThunderNue Dong
Wang, the Yama BeastWang Ahk, the Hand of Yama
Martial Arts
Pacheon Anti-Devil BlastHeavenly Destruction, Evil Negating Palmstrike
Pacheon Clan's Twelve Secret SkillsTwelve Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques
Pacheon Mass Thunder SkillHeavenly Destruction, Thunder Hawk Strike
Vajra BodyDiamond Body
Organisations & Sects
Great Valor ClanShinmu Clan
Pacheon ClanHeavenly Destruction Sect
Sincere Sword SquadSoseondang Clan
White Horse SquadBaekma Valley
Wicked Flame SquadBewitching Flowers
Wind and Earth ClanPungjin Sect
Other Terms
Four DevasFour Heavenly Kings
Martial arts worldMurim (and/or Gangho)

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