LINE Translations
Blackish Brown King, Dang GanDang Gan, the Black Scorpion King
Cho ChongXhao Chung
DanggiDang Gwe
Do GilDoh Gyeol
Doko Yong, the Absolute OneDokgo Ryong, the Heavenly Destroyer / Supreme Overlord
DukLee Deok-Gwang
Gang YongGang Ryong
Ghost Soul, Ga UbokGha Woobok, the Wraith Hand
Gold Crimson King, GiyoungGwi Yeong, the Geumjeok King
Hallucinator, Yang HakYang Jeonghak, the Phantom Visitor
HansaHwan Sa, the Spirit Lord
HebiHyeol Bi, the Black Dragon King
Jang ChungJang Cheong, the Thunderlord
LimIm Daechang, the True Taecheong Savant
MaksaMak Sapyeong
Mu Shen MaInfinite Divine Archdemon (of the Demonic Cult)
Mr. Nam (Hepyo)Lord Nam (Hyeol Pyo)
MyoMyo Cheong
RakshasaRakshasa Demoness
RanHeuk Lan
Rosy-Cheeked Sword Devil, So HongSoh Jinhong, the Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend
Sa Cheon, the Poison MasterSa Paecheon, the Devil of the Venom Hands
So WonSoh Cheongwon, the One Sword
Song ChohangSong Chohyang
Song YeriSong Yerin
Sungsim the Celestial MaidSaintly Celestial Maiden
Steel Lion, Do GamDoh Hwang, the Iron Lion
Steel Lion, Do GimDoh Gyeom, the Iron Lion
ThunderNue Dong
Wang EungWang Eungi
White Jade Warrior Queen, Jin GayoungJin Garyeong, the White Jade Martial Empress
Yama Beast, WangWang Ahk, the Hand of Yama
Martial Arts
13th Spear Skill of the Do's: Total AnnihilationDoh Family's Flame Spear, the 13th Move: Empyrean Annihilation
Anti-Blow SkillReflective ki barrier
Do's SpearmanshipDoh Family Spear Style
Eight Chains FormationEight Docked Gates Formation
Energy Consuming SkillLife Drain Technique
Fire BreakerFlame Wall
Fire Iron ChainBlazing Iron Shattering Thrust
Gust & Lightning SkillStorm Slash
Iron Chain PunchIron Shattering Fist
Mass Lightning BallWelkin Lightning, Demonic Rings
Mass Lightning Ball, Mass Lightning BeamWelkin Lightning, Demonic Rings: Berserker Lightning
Mass Lightning Ball, Ultimate ExplosionWelkin Lightning, Demonic Rings: Firmament Incineration
Mass Lightning BlastWelkin Lightning, Five Fold Palmstrike
Mass Lightning Blast of DeathWelkin Lightning, Blood Death Palm
Pacheon Clan's Twelve Secret SkillsTwelve Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques
Pacheon Anti-Devil BlastHeavenly Destruction, Evil Negating Palmstrike
Pacheon Black Tornado SkillHeavenly Destruction, Dark Wheel Strike
Pacheon Breaking BlowHeavenly Destruction, Shattering Thrust Palm
Pacheon Carving WaveHeavenly Destruction, Radiant Wheel Strike
Pacheon Chain Skill, ExterminationHeavenly Destruction Chained Technique, Two Wheels of Devastation
Pacheon Energy ResonationHeavenly Destruction Secret Blood Technique, Extra Meridian Resonance
Pacheon Falcon Claw BlowHeavenly Destruction, Eagle Talon Cleave
Pacheon Mass Thunder SkillHeavenly Destruction, Thunder Hawk Strike
Pacheon Pentacyclic BlowHeavenly Destruction, Five Ring Palmstrike
Pacheon Wind Destroyer/Air Breaker SkillHeavenly Destruction, Space Sundering Palmstrike
Parasite Venom (Gou)Gu Poison
Poison Iron Whip(s)Flying Venom Steel Whips
Reflective BlowReflective ki
Sincere Sword Squad's swordsmanshipSoseondang's Flying Flash Sword
Termination, Black Tornado Skill: Endless AbyssTwo Wheel, Dark Wheel Strike Ultimate: Abyssal Void
Vajra BodyDiamond Body
Wind & Earth Cross BlowPungjin Cross Slash
Wind & Earth WhirlwindPungjin Spiral Dance
Organisations & Sects
Deadly Black AllianceBlack Snake
Devil's Legion / Bloody SquadDemonic Cult (Asura Blood Sect)
Great Valor ClanShinmu Clan
Hidden Forest SquadPaelim Hall
Pacheon ClanHeavenly Destruction Sect
Sincere Sword SquadSoseondang Clan
White Horse SquadBaekma Valley
Wicked Flame SquadBewitching Flowers
Wind & Earth ClanPungjin Sect
Other Terms
12 Sages12 Supreme Masters
Central DistrictMiddle Kingdom
Dark OneShadow Eminence
Dragon EyesDragon Sight
Earthly OneEnlightened Eminence
Four DevasFour Heavenly Kings
Godly OneCelestial Eminence
Maho AcidDemonic Blight
Lunar Energy Type BodyTae-eum Metastatic Bone Body
Martial Arts worldMurim (and/or Gangho)
Martial Arts UnionMurim Alliance
Neesun VillageNaeseonhyang
Realm of Energy ModificationUltimate Metamorphosis
Seven Lords (of the Devil's Legion)Seven Prelates (of the Demonic Cult)
TriadsThree Eminences