Two Wheel, Dark Wheel Strike Ultimate: Abyssal Void
Hangul 이륜 묵륜공오의 무저곡
Romaja Ilyun Muglyungong-oui Mujeogog
Battle Data
Martial Art Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques
Class Offensive
Range Mid-range
First Seen Chapter 77
Known Users Gang Ryong
Dokgo Ryong

Two Wheel, Dark Wheel Strike Ultimate: Abyssal Void is an advanced variation of the Divine Heavenly Destruction technique Dark Wheel Strike.

Whilst already using Dark Wheel Strike, the user implements even more ki into the technique, generating an even more violent, more destructively encompassing vortex that is large enough and powerful enough to dwarf and swallow up a technique the power and scale of Welkin Lightning, Demonic Rings: Firmament Incineration. The ferocity of this technique is so powerful that the effects of the powerful vortex still pulls on people who are outside of its immediate range.[1]

Anyone caught in the immediate scope of this technique is trapped inside a seemingly endless soundless pitch-black void.[1] The user is able to appear and move around freely within the void, while victims may suffer from slight disorientation due to a lack of landmarks and surroundings to orient themselves with.

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Termination, Black Tornado Skill: Endless Abyss (LINE)


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